Who is, Benjamin Apprill…

20170129_163936Born in a much more rural area than my current abode of St. Louis Missouri, it would be more accurate to say I grew up as a bit of a country person. Chicken farming,
off-roading, greenhouse planting, sports… these all fall into my life experiences right
next to video games, anime, and reading books. (Although I don’t read much fantasy anymore). My label is tricky; I am not so set into one genre of being or the other…

Nerd?.. Sure!..

Jock?.. At times!…

Redneck?.. Unfortunately, as my cousin loves to tease… also apt!

City-slicker?… Slowly becoming!

Who I am is multi-facet; I am full of different experiences, different walks of life that have been beholden to me… Despite all these labels though, one shines through much stronger than all the rest…


I am currently attending Full Sail University for an online Bachelors degree in Game Design, and spend my spare time focusing on promoting my personal brand for the sake of breaking into the games industry either as an Indie or for a Studio… And every now and again find the spare time to play some games!

My growing technical skills include:

  • Unity3D development with C#
  • Inkscape vector art
  • FL Studio sound creation

Current game projects:

  • Hexal Tactic

Published games:

  • Still working on this one!